Project Management Training and Consulting

At PMTC, we partner with our clients to deliver quality, impactful project management training, development, and consulting services. Our mission is to provide a flexible combination of services that are tailored to the needs of our clients. We strive to drive value by being a world-leader in project management training, development, and project and program management consulting.


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Our Services

Project Management Training

Gain the real-world skills you need to manage projects, determine requirements, budget, estimate risk, and develop leadership skills with our project management training curriculum.

Options include:

Project Management Development

We provide performance-driven coaching to improve the performance of an individual or group by enhancing current skills or acquiring new skills. These skills include how to manage more efficiently, enhancing presentation effectiveness, and learning how to think strategically.

Our mentoring activities are development-driven and designed to enhance an individual’s current position, and to prepare them for future opportunities within the organization.

An organization may consider coaching when:

An organization may consider mentoring when:

Business coach

If you are 100% committed
to creating lasting change in your life

Public Speaking

Being an engaging and effective
Public Speaker is an essential skill

Speakers Mastermind

Speakers Mastermind Group
that will focus on


Coaching is a rewarding way
of empowering others



What makes PMTC different? We are the single source for all your management and project management needs. Whether it’s training, coaching, development, and  consulting.

Our workshops are taught by certified professionals who bring their real-world knowledge to the classroom. Our industry expertise helps clients build a solid foundation for success.

Through our consulting, coaching, support, and development services, we help develop, implement, and support management, and project management for your business

Workshops and Locations


"The instructor has a unique ability to bring in his vast amount of project management experience into the classroom. He simultaneously teaches you about project management while preparing you for the test. He is an incredibly passionate teacher who clearly loves project management and finds joy in seeing people succeed. His passion for teaching and project management is very visible throughout his instruction. The class he taught prepared for the test, which I passed first try. I have been a project manager for many years prior to taking his class. I manage my projects very differently now, due to this class’s instruction. I would highly recommend taking this PMP class if you want to prepare for the PMP or learn about project management."
"The PMP preparation class taught by the instructor is the most comprehensive, hands-on, and cost-sensitive training opportunity for veterans out there. Due to the instructor’s strong facilitation skills and information recall techniques, I was able to successfully pass the PMP exam on the first try. I would highly recommend this class to those interested in starting a career in Project Management. "
"The Project Management Professional Certification Program and Boot Camp courses surpassed my expectations. The instructor is an experienced professional project manager who brought extensive experience to the classroom in an interactive and entertaining manner. Thanks to the knowledge gained from him. I was able to pass the PMP Certification Exam on my first attempt."
"The Project Management Course (PMP Prep) was the best way for me to prepare for the PMP exam. I tried to prepare the year before by participating in a workplace study group, but it just wasn't enough. The course instructor created a learning environment that balanced knowledge drills, homework, and study tools along with real-life application explanations during each class. The resources that he provides to you as a student are almost unlimited. He doesn't stop at providing study resources and tools, but also encourages you to network and grow professionally from each other. It is extremely impressive to see his creativity and passion for his students' success. I highly recommend this course and the instructor for anyone taking the PMP exam. I was able to pass the PMP exam the first time."
"The Project Management Certification Program class was very interactive and a lot fun. Our instructor was very funny, enthusiastic, and very helpful. Most of all, he has a deeply vested interest in his students’ learning. He stayed in touch with me after the class was over, and recommended tools to help me pass the PMP exam. I highly recommend this class."