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Project Management Training

Gain the real-world skills you need to manage projects, determine requirements, budget, estimate risk, and develop leadership skills with our project management training curriculum.

Options include:

Project Management Development

We provide performance-driven coaching to improve the performance of an individual or group by enhancing current skills or acquiring new skills. These skills include how to manage more efficiently, enhancing presentation effectiveness, and learning how to think strategically.

Our mentoring activities are development-driven and designed to enhance an individual’s current position, and to prepare them for future opportunities within the organization.

An organization may consider coaching when:

An organization may consider mentoring when:

Business coach

If you are 100% committed to creating lasting change in your life, growing your business, increasing your leadership potential, and changing your mindset, then my exclusive business coaching might just be for you.

My 1:1 Business Coaching is designed to provide you with the best possible support, so you can be clear about what you need to help your business succeed.

If you are passionate about your idea but need support to get there, if you want regular training to keep you focused on the goal as you grow your business, then my 1: 1 Business Coaching program has your name on it.

Public Speaking

Being an engaging and effective Public Speaker is an essential skill if you want to become a successful entrepreneur or senior leader. Public speaking is the most effective way to promote your product, spread your message, and if you want more business, find new clients or sell your products and services.

I bring over twenty years of experience in Training, Coaching, and Writing. Keynotes are in Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Technology, and Product, and Project Management.

Speakers Mastermind

Coaching is a rewarding way of empowering others - and it is an essential quality for a good manager or leader within your organization. It can achieve strong motivation, improve results, promote growth and save time.

We conduct short teaching workshops that cover the basics of being an active and effective coach, including building relationships, organizing a training session, and exploring critical skills used in training.

It is a very collaborative course, led by Ahmed, a very successful and experienced professional business coach.